Turn your list build efforts into pure profit with this step by step training
List builds are worth more than just growing your email list. If done right, they lead to sales not just during the list build itself… but for months and years down the road.

Whether you’re doing a summit, a challenge, or a workshop series… you can not only get some quick wins from your list build… but you can create long-term growth, too.
You know the real money in your business is in your list… but if you don’t have a plan to not only grow your list but generate real sales and revenue from it…
You’re stuck with an asset that doesn’t add anything to your bottom line.

That’s why I show my clients how to intentionally plan their list builds to generate revenue NOW… as well as increase their revenue generation later. 

And now I’m breaking down my entire system step by step in this free on-demand training.

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Hey there, I'm Jennie. 
I'm a List Build and Lead Generation expert - with over 300+ list builds under my belt for myself and my clients - I know what it takes to make one successful.

What’s more - I know what it takes to make one PROFITABLE.

Not just right now - although that’s certainly part of it. But down the road in your business in a way that will be meaningful for years.

The truth is you CAN generate leads essentially for free. You can get paid to build your email list - when you use my strategies to turn a profit from your list builds right away… and then again when you leverage that list in the future.

Like my client who ran a challenge and generated 1,300+ new leads to her list and made more than she spent putting it together…

Or another client who generated nearly 900 leads from a summit and made a 100% ROI before the summit even started… not to mention the programs she sold immediately after.

This can be you, if you use the strategies I outline in this training.
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Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to launching a program product or service.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved to be successful. 
Full Transparency: At the end of the challenge a program will be offered for purchase.